The Gesellschaft für Internationale Geldgeschichte (GIG) welcomes you on its new webpage.
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4. Juni 2023 - Annual meeting 2023

The annual meeting of the GIG in 2023 will take place 4 June 2023. The meeting will start at 10h00 in the Sonnenmann-Saal at the Historical Museum Frankfurt.
The schedule is accessible with the following link: Schedule GIG 2023.

25. Juni 2022 - GIG-Medaille 2023

The GIG is looking forward to reinitialise the tradition of the annual GIG-Medal.


The medail was designed by medalist Marianne Dietz (Berlin), known not just for her marvellous portraits but as well for her designs of German 10€ and 20€ commemorative coins (i.e. Sleeping Beaty 2015; The Valiant Little Tailor 2019). The portrait is based on an unknown drawing of Carl Wihlem Becker, a famous german medalist and forger. The production is realized by the engraver Claudius Riedmiller (Stuttgart).

Material: Silver (999)
Diameter: 40 mm
Weight: 31,1 g (1 Ounze)
Quality: uncirculated
Price: EUR 42.- for GIG-Members, otherwise EUR 60 (plus shipping)
Reference Address: Geschäftsstelle der GIG, Oskar-Zimper-Straße 6 64732 Bad König.
Date of issue: June 4th 2023 (Annual Meeting) at a special price for Members: EUR 37 (max. 2 medals)


Dr. Ralf Fischer zu Camburg
Honoree 2022

Since 1974 the GIG-Ehrenpreise (Honory prizes) are granted annually. The Prize carries a value of 500€.
A list with all honorees since 1974 is available here.

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